Hello, it me: your favorite sailing podcast host Brooks.

For starters, I absolutely LOVE producing the podcast for you all. It’s an incredibly fun process from start to finish, and having the opportunity to talk about cool things with all of the guests is the best.

But it can be time consuming, and I feel the worst when I can’t deliver a podcast to you on a regular basis. Work and real life get in the way sometimes. So we came up with a solution that I think might work.

Let’s just make a damn website. So we did.

Written content: blogs, interviews, articles written by the best sailors themselves, any thing and everything the brain(s) behind Boats N’ Prose can come up with, will be housed here. We’ll be developing the site as the days come so your patience is greatly appreciated.

I love to engage with all of you as well an hear your takes no matter how wrong or hot they are. If social media is your scene be sure to follow Boats N Prose on Facebook, throw me a follow on Twitter @BnPBrooks and Instagram @brooks.clark.

Let’s see where this goes.

Bless the rains,

Brooks Clark



Posted by Brooks

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